Program Outline

Vancouver Saturday 15 March 2014  
9.00am Registration Open
Session 1: First trimester screening
Moderators: Andrew Ngu and Denise Pugash
10.00am Ultrasound markers of aneuploidy: Extending from NT assessment Jon Hyett
10.20am Imaging for structural anomalies at 12 weeks Joann Johnson
10.40am Live scan demo: First trimester (GE Healthcare) Kirsten Grabowska
11.00am Uterine artery Doppler and screening for pre-eclampsia at 12 weeks Andrew Mejides
11.20am Discussion  
11.30am Coffee Break
Session 2: NIPT and aCGH in prenatal diagnosis
Moderators: Anna Lehman and Jon Hyett
12.00pm Introducing NIPT into clinical practice: The Pegasus Trial Sylvie Langlois
12.20pm Integrating NIPT into clinical practice Joann Johnson
12.40pm Clinical utility of aCGH: replacing standard cytogenetic testing Vivienne Souter
1.00pm Lunch 1.35-1.55 Toshiba New Technologies Presentation
Session 3: Examining the Central Nervous System
Moderators: Daniela Prayer and Ants Toi
2.00pm CNS assessment at 20 weeks: The importance of defining neuroanatomical landmarks Laurent Guibaud
2.30pm Live scan demo: CNS examination Laurent Guibaud
3.00pm Anomalies that develop with advancing gestation (US and MR) Anne Kennedy
3.30pm Afternoon tea
Session 4: Basic Principles of Fetal MRI
Moderators: Anne Kennedy and Laurent Guibaud
4.00pm When is Fetal MRI indicated? Daniela Prayer
4.30pm Basic Procedures and Optimising Your Imaging Elspeth Whitby
5.00pm Core CNS anatomy and pathology- US and MRI Gregor Kasprian / Denise Pugash
5.30pm Some Cases / Getting Started Renato Ximenes
6.00pm Vancouver Welcome Reception

Vancouver Sunday 16 March 2014
Session 6: Screening and Diagnosis of Cardiac Abnormalities
Moderators: Anne Kennedy and Duncan Farquharson
8.30am Defining routine views for screening: National and international guidelines Wes Lee
8.50am Common intracardiac anomalies Lisa Hornberger
9.15am Common pathologies of the outflow tracts and great arteries Lisa Hornberger
9.40pm Live scan demo: assessment of cardiac anatomy Chantal Mayer
10.00pm Imaging cardiac function in fetuses and neonates with congenital abnormalities Mike Seed
10.30am Morning coffee
Session 5: New Tools for Fetal Wellbeing
Moderators: Martin Walker and Riccardo Palma Dias
11.00am Fractional limb volume for improving fetal weight estimation Wes Lee
11.20am Cervical length and the prediction of preterm delivery Jon Hyett
11.40am Doppler assessment for placental insufficiency and placental failure Julie Robertson
12.10am Placental assessment with fetal MR Daniela Prayer
12.30pm US and MR Imaging for placental attachment disorders Wes Lee
12.50pm Discussion  
12.50pm Lunch
Session 7: Managing borderline findings: Tertiary ultrasound scan, MRI or genetic testing?
Moderators: Ants Toi
1.20pm The short femur: Assessment of skeletal dysplasia Chris Cassady
1.55pm Hyperechogenic bowel Ricardo Palma Dias
2.15pm Panel Moderator – Ants Toi
3.15pm Afternoon tea
Session 8: Twins
Moderators: Wes Lee and Alain Gagnon
3.30pm Pitfalls in screening multiples for aneuploidy Alain Gagnon
3.50pm Ongoing surveillance of monochorionic twins Martin Walker
4.10pm MR as an adjunct in the evaluation of twin pregnancies Denise Pugash
4.30pm Discussion  
5.00pm Transfers to Whistler

Whistler Monday 17 March 2014  
Session 9: Cardiothoracic anomalies
Moderators: Denise Pugash and Duncan Farquarson
7.00am Congenital lung malformations: Beyond CCAM Chris Cassady
7.25am 4D ultrasonography and the fetal heart Wes Lee
7.50am Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: The balloon’s up Chris Cassady
8.15am MR assessment of cardiaovascular function: Methodology and application in IUGR Mike Seed
8.45am Discussion  
  Recreational activities  
Session 10: Agenesis of the corpus callosum
Moderators: Ashley Robinson and Andrew Ngu
4.30pm Development of the corpus callosum and genetic basis of ACC Harvey Sarnat
5.00pm Ultrasound imaging of the corpus callosum Laurent Guibaud
5.30pm MRI of commissural anomalies Gregor Kasprian
6.00pm White matter imaging Alex Rauscher
6.30pm Disorders of axomal guidance – can we see them? Gregor Kasprian
7.00pm Discussion  
7.15pm Whistler Welcome Reception

Whistler Tuesday 18 March 2014  
Session 11: Non Invasive Prenatal Testing: Future Applications
Moderators: Sylvie Langlois and Vivienne Souter
7.00am First trimester screening and atypical chromosomal abnormalities Olav Petersen
7.20am Future developments in non-invasive prenatal screening Adam Wolfberg (Ariosa)
7.40am Future developments in non-invasive prenatal screening Susan Gross (Natera)
8.00am Future developments in non-invasive prenatal screening Amy Sehnert (Verinata)
8.20am Session details to be confirmed  
  Recreational activities  
Session 12: Oral Communications
Moderators: Alain Gagnon and Gregor Kasprian and Elspeth Whitby
4.00pm Does MRI have an impact on clinical decision making for CNS anomalies initially defined by ultrasound? Nguyen Ha
4.10pm Fetal brain Ventricuolomegaly diagnosed at the 18 week anomaly scan. John Smoleniec
4.20pm Antenatal diagnosis for anomalies of the corpus callosum Samuel Armstrong Bell
4.30pm MRI of the fetal cerebellum and posterior fossa- spectrum of abnormalities Sherelle Laifer-Narin
4.50pm In utero brain growth of fetuses with congenital heart disease: Case control study using 3D SSFP Mashael Alrujaib
5.00pm Feasibility of comprehensive hemodynamic assessment in the normal late gestation human fetus by phase contrast MR and T2 mapping Liqun Sun
5.10pm Fetal ‘Black Bone’ MRI; a new sequence in the fetal MRI imaging armamentarium Ashley Robinson
5.20pm Prenatal diagnosis of sirenomelia by combining new fetal skeletal rendering, three-dimensional helical computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging Xinlin Chen
5.30pm Placental BOLD MRI: Oxygen test in two cases of Fetal Growth restriction. Anne Sørensen
5.40pm MR assessment of blood flow in the microvasculature of placenta using diffusion weighted imaging Loredana S Truica
5.50pm Placental T2* in normal pregnancy and in two cases of Fetal Growth restriction. Anne Sørensen
6.10pm The diagnostic value of antenatal Magnetic Resonance imaging in cases suspected to have Placental Adhesive Disorders (PAD). Elspeth Whitby
6.20pm Managing fetuses at high risk of retinoblastoma: lesion detection on screening MRI Amber Bristowe
6.30pm Thirteen-year review of the prenatal diagnosis of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformations at a single institution Vanessa Watson
6.40pm Prenatal diagnosis of small bowel obstruction with ultrasonography and MR Sheng Zhao
6.50pm The role of fetal MRI in difficult cases. Elspeth Whitby

Whistler Wednesday 19 March 2014  
Session 13: Genitourinary anomalies
Moderators: Jo-Ann Johnson and Martin Walker
7.00am Echogenic kidneys: Quiz Laurent Guibaud
7.30am Abdominal / Renal MR imaging Gregor Kasprian
8.00am Ambiguous genitalia: Imaging and clinical strategies Chris Cassady
8.30am The genetic basis of renal pathology Anna Lehman
  Recreational activities  
Session 14: Infratentorial anomalies
Moderators: Chris Cassady and Vivienne Souter
4.30pm The classification of posterior fossa anomalies Ashley Robinson
5.00pm Imaging the posterior fossa Laurent Guibaud
5.40pm Imaging the fetal spine Anne Kennedy
6.10pm Imaging spina bifida: Pre and post fetal surgical repair Renato Ximenes
6.30pm Discussion  
7.30pm-10.00pm Symposium Dinner

Whistler Thursday 20 March 2014  
Session 15: Ventriculomegaly
Moderators: Ants Toi and Ricardo Palma Dias
7.00am The ventricular system Harvey Sarnat
7.30am Ventriculomegaly: Quiz / A new toolbox for management Laurent Guibaud
8.00am Ventricuomegaly: A diagnosis or a symptom Gregor Kasprian
8.30am Postnatal MR: timing neurological injury Elspeth Whitby
  Recreational activities  
Session 16: Acute brain injury 
Moderators: Jon Hyett and Laurent Guibaud
4.30pm Association of brain and heart anomalies during fetal development Laura Flores-Sarnat
5.00pm Recognising neurodevelopmental arrest Denise Pugash
5.30pm The aetiology of cerebral palsy Sarah McIntyre
6.00pm Cerebrovascular accidents in the fetus Renato Ximenes
6.30pm Discussion  

Poster Presentations

43931 Choroidal fissure cysts in the fetus: imaging findings and outcomes Karen Atkin
43935 Klippel Feil syndrome with diastematomyelia and inner ear dysplasia:  unexpected diagnosis on fetal MRI Karen Atkin
43451 Added Value of Fetal MRI in the Diagnosis of CNS Anomalies Sherelle Laifer-Narin
43455 Fetal MRI of Chest Masses Sherelle Laifer-Narin
43459 Placental Pathology: Spectrum of MRI Findings Sherelle Laifer-Narin
44503 Prenatal ultrasound and MRI findings of temporal and occipital lobe dysplasia in a twin with achondroplasia Denise Pugash
44519 Dysgenesis of corpus callosum in surviving fetus of monochorionic twins with one fetal demise : findings of neurosonography and fetal MRI Yan Zhu Wang
43487 Imaging review of fetal neck masses on ultrasound and MRI with a suggested algorithm to aid differential diagnosis Elspeth Whitby
43435 Use of ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of placenta membranacea Sheng Zhao
45791 DCDA Twins with T21 and ovarian metastatic signet ring adenocarcinoma: MRI used in the diagnosis of an unusual cause of preterm labour Wendy Carseldine

Scientific Committee

  • Alain Gagnon (Canada)
  • Laurent Guibaud (France)
  • Jon Hyett (Australia)
  • Anne Kennedy (USA)
  • Denise Pugash (Canada)
  • Françoise Rypens (Canada)
  • Ants Toi (Canada)
  • Elspeth Whitby (UK)
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