Premature Ejaculation Pills Comparison

Are you looking for premature ejaculation pills yet don’t know what to choose? If so, read on. Here we have a comparison of premature ejaculation pills that will help you decide. Let’s start.


Duramale is a blend of natural ingredients which will not cause any adverse results or side effects. Duramale is manufactured in capsule form, containing seven unique herbs that are known to delay ejaculation as well as improvie male libido.

Some ingredients of Duramale are:

  • Indian Gooseberry, a potent aphrodisiac which helps men to treat premature ejaculation and increase sperm count and semen quantity;
  • Indian Ginseng, a general tonic which improves energy and overall health. It refreshes the body, increases sex desire and improving male performance;
  • Elephant Creeper, a brain tonic, and aphrodisiac which possesses anti-stress properties and helps to increase sperm count.

The price of Duramale is $54.95 per bottle.



Climinax can help men solve their sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and lead them to a normal sex life. Climinax is made from a high-quality herbal blend and contains no synthetic ingredients. They will not cause side effects as well.

With Climinax, no more sprays, no more creams that can interrupt your moment of the sexual prelude. All you have to take is a capsule, and you can enjoy your sexual life.

No clinic visits and no doctor’s prescription. Problems such as premature ejaculation may be caused by stress, depression or other psychological issues. By taking Climinax, you will not need to take a psychotherapy course in order to cure premature ejaculation. Yes, Climinax is a comprehensive solution which takes back you to your normal life.

Climinax helps you:

  • Prolong your time to climax;
  • Fight disappointment and frustration;
  • Improve your sex life, making you and your partner satisfied;
  • Boost your confidence in your sexual performance;
  • Improve your sex life dramatically.

The price of Climinax is $25.00 per bottle.

Delay Pills

Delay Pills is another good option to help you treat premature ejaculation. Basically, it is a mix of useful herbs, most of which are male enhancers, improving not only men’s sexual performance but also boosting male confidence.

Delay Pills help men who have premature ejaculation regulate certain hormones in their body. When these hormones are in the balance, you will notice harder and stronger ejaculations. And yes, it affects your sexual organs locally.

A 1 bottle have 60 tablets, and you should take 2 daily. If you take Delay Pills, make sure you that you are not skipping it. If you forgot, take them as soon as possible. If you forgot to take the pill, stick to your schedule.

The price of Delay Pills is $49.95 per bottle.

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