7 Reasons Your Nipples Are Normal

Not to burst anyone’s special nipple bubble which – special nipple bubble? Chances are your nips; they’re probably normal. If you don’t believe me, here are seven reasons why.

Hairy nipples

But there’s hair down there! Guess what, hair on you nips, totally normal. Since nipples are surrounded by hair follicles, you’re probably growing hair all around your nips, whether you can readily see it or not. If you have naturally darker hair or sometimes, if you have spikes in hormones that could naturally occur with puberty or around your period, you might get a stray nipple hair even on your areola.

What if they’re bumpy?

Those bumps actually have a really cool name; they’re called the Montgomery glands. They secrete a lubricant that keeps that nipular skin soft and also free of infection.

Flat or inverted nipples

But what if they’re flat or inverted? Totally normal. Between ten and twenty percent of women have flat or inverted nipples, and usually, with stimulation, those nipples will come on out and say hello.

Areola size

But what if my areola are too big or too small? Whether the size of quarters or scented candles, your areola is the right size. According to the Handbook of physical measurements: ‘The diameter of the nipple is very variable as is the diameter of the areola.’ You could have two differently sized areola on the same body. The size of your areola can also change over your lifespan with things like puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and all of those fun milestones brought to you by hormones.

Areola color

What if my areola is a different color than everybody else’s? Totes normal. Unless they’re like, uh, like lime green. You might have a super light areola that almost blend into your skin, or you might have really dark areola. Your areola can change colors when you are sexually aroused or pregnant.

Soreness around period

But what if they get really sore and/or sensitive around my period? Totally normal. That’s usually associated with the pre-period spike in progesterone, which tends to make the nips a little more well, touchy.

Nipple stretch marks

Okay, fine. But my nips have stretch marks. Totally normal. Especially if you’re going through puberty and your breasts are rapidly enlarging, there’s a decent chance that your breasts and even your nipples can get stretch marks. They will go away and lighten on their own.

Here’s the thing about nipples. I think a lot of women and girls and even some men and boys are insecure about whether their nipples are normal and sexy, and in the right place and the right shape, and, oh my god, is that a hair, what’s going on down there? When really we don’t have any concept of what normally is. We have this false notion of what our bodies should look like, rather than embracing the fact, that what our bodies should look like are our bodies and no one else’s body. So, yeah, in case you’re worried your nipples, probably normal.

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