7 Reasons Your Nipples Are Normal

Not to burst anyone’s special nipple bubble which – special nipple bubble? Chances are your nips; they’re probably normal. If you don’t believe me, here are seven reasons why.

Hairy nipples

But there’s hair down there! Guess what, hair on you nips, totally normal. Since nipples are surrounded by hair follicles, you’re probably growing hair all around your nips, whether you can readily see it or not. If you have naturally darker hair or sometimes, if you have spikes in hormones that could naturally occur with puberty or around your period, you might get a stray nipple hair even on your areola.

What if they’re bumpy?

Those bumps actually have a really cool name; they’re called the Montgomery glands. They secrete a lubricant that keeps that nipular skin soft and also free of infection.

Flat or inverted nipples

But what if they’re flat or inverted? Totally normal. Between ten and twenty percent of women have flat or inverted nipples, and usually, with stimulation, those nipples will come on out and say hello.

Areola size

But what if my areola are too big or too small? Whether the size of quarters or scented candles, your areola is the right size. According to the Handbook of physical measurements: ‘The diameter of the nipple is very variable as is the diameter of the areola.’ You could have two differently sized areola on the same body. The size of your areola can also change over your lifespan with things like puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and all of those fun milestones brought to you by hormones.

Areola color

What if my areola is a different color than everybody else’s? Totes normal. Unless they’re like, uh, like lime green. You might have a super light areola that almost blend into your skin, or you might have really dark areola. Your areola can change colors when you are sexually aroused or pregnant.

Soreness around period

But what if they get really sore and/or sensitive around my period? Totally normal. That’s usually associated with the pre-period spike in progesterone, which tends to make the nips a little more well, touchy.

Nipple stretch marks

Okay, fine. But my nips have stretch marks. Totally normal. Especially if you’re going through puberty and your breasts are rapidly enlarging, there’s a decent chance that your breasts and even your nipples can get stretch marks. They will go away and lighten on their own.

Here’s the thing about nipples. I think a lot of women and girls and even some men and boys are insecure about whether their nipples are normal and sexy, and in the right place and the right shape, and, oh my god, is that a hair, what’s going on down there? When really we don’t have any concept of what normally is. We have this false notion of what our bodies should look like, rather than embracing the fact, that what our bodies should look like are our bodies and no one else’s body. So, yeah, in case you’re worried your nipples, probably normal.

Small breast

It’s time to talk about normal breast size. Do you think you’ve got small breasts? Size one or size two – this must be enough to look attractive. But women sometimes feel uncomfortable having a small breast. Implants is a common solution to your problems, but not always. Is it normal to use surgery when you’re healthy? Absolutely not, that’s why you should be aware of the fact that natural breast enhancement exist and you should learn how it works. There’s a proven effective solution for guaranteed breast growth, it’s called Total Curve. You can read this breast enlargement article and review to get the detailed information

Hormones And Male Fertility

So testosterone itself, it turns out that testosterone is critical for sperm development in the testicle. And so this is where a common mistake is made both on a patient as well as multiple physician sides of things and understanding how to treat male subfertility. Because if you believe what I just said that testosterone is important for normal sperm production and man comes into your office with low testosterone, then you would think the most natural thing to do would be to put them on testosterone replacement therapy. Unfortunately, it has exactly the wrong effect.

So prolactin is another interesting hormone from the pituitary gland that if it is elevated, it can actually shut down the whole system. So prolactin elevation usually affects the other hormones in the pituitary gland, again that FSH hormone to essentially stop production. So the problem is not down in the testicle, the spur machinery is there, but there’s a problem up here in terms of if sending the proper signals down to the testicle. So prolactin elevations often can be treated with medication. Sometimes if there’s a prolactin secreting tumor involved in the elevated prolactin, a patient may even need surgery to remove that tumor. So again another common hormone I will draw on my men with potential subfertility.

And then finally estradiol. Essentially higher estradiol levels feedback on the pituitary gland to shut down those pituitary hormones much like testosterone does but to the point where the sperm production may be affected by that pituitary shutdown. So one of the treatments that I offered to patients as if their estradiol levels are too high for me, if I put them on medication to lower those levels and drive the equation back to higher testosterone levels, then we may be able to improve their sperm counts.

So heredity thinks that’s our third age now. There are a number of genetic abnormalities associated with male subfertility. Some are 100% if a man has that abnormality we won’t be able to find sperm on him, even with a microsurgical procedure where we actually go into the reproductive tract looking for sperm. So it’s important for me to get these studies on men that have extremely low sperm counts. Now extremely low, some people would put it less than 5 million and I think that’s a relatively good number, it’s pretty rare to find a man with a genetic abnormality if his sperm counts are above five million. But if they are low, then here the genes that we can see responsible for potential males subfertility factor.

There’s a chromosomal abnormality called Klinefelter’s syndrome or man actually has an extra X-chromosome. So he looks just like a guy, walks just like a guy, talks just like a guy, but he has some hormonal abnormalities as well as having poor development of his testicular tissue and therefore poor sperm development as well. We can still find sperm on those men, especially if we find them early, and especially if we find them before they start testosterone replacement therapy, which almost all of them need because their testosterone levels are going to be low.

Now if you look at the Y-chromosome itself, the Y-chromosome itself has a region called the AZF region which stands for azoospermian factor. AZF region is subject categorized into an A, B, and C region. And so when we do a molecular analysis of men’s chromosomes (so this is a blood test), we look for that what we call  Y microdeletion because if they’re missing one category, one part of one of those chromosomal regions, that may be the reason for their fertility.

All Truth About Little Pink Pill


We begin with a little bit more controversy surrounding what some refer to as the little pink pill. A new study released today raises big questions about how well it works and whether or not it should have been approved for women to use it at all.

As many of us know, if you know anything about the history of this medication, it is called the Addyi, and that is a marketed name. The actual drug is called flibanserin. It took three tries to get people the Food and Drug Administration even to approve it at all. And it took 10 years to get it on the market. In the meantime, guys got their little blue pill in Viagra. As now we have nearly two dozen other medications all for male sexual problems now on the market. The sales of Addiy one have been slow and now this new study released today in the journal of the American Medical Association raises real questions about how effective the medication really is and whether the benefits outweigh some of the potentially serious side effects.

So we spent some time today talking to doctor Lisa Larkin, she is with the team at UC health of the Women’s Center. What we want to ask her about this meta-analysis saying that the benefits may outweigh the risk for women. This is what is called hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD. The side effects include low blood pressure, dizziness, sleepiness, headaches, and nausea. But doctor Larkin said this analysis, this study, those side effects were actually magnified because the authors reviewed unpublished studies with doses that are not currently even approved for use by the FDA. Her opinion, this might be a bias in the reviewers that this condition is even a real diagnosis.

For me, I will tell you the side effect profile and when we look at the data really is not substantially different than many other medications that we have, that aren’t getting all of this dramatic scrutiny, which is why I think there is some politics that has come into this. So this goes back to, you know, really I think the validation of female sexual health as a priority.


Now there was a lot of concern initially that this would be over prescribed in ways that some say, you know, the men’s sexual dysfunction drugs were. That has not happened. Sales have really been slow in the office of this study said: “Well that’s proof it doesn’t work.”

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Doctor Logan says that’s not true. More than half the patients she is treated have continued on this medication with good results. I feel like this is a lot like I’m a dietitian and when we first started talking about nutritional ways to manage premenstrual syndrome. I actually had the health care providers in the meetings I was presented to get up and walk out. Tell me it didn’t exist. And you know there were guys in their defense have probably felt or the after effect in your home of it. Right now it’s kind of established that their biological changes in the body. I think that as we learn more about this will see that too.

But it does leave you confused as a woman, I think you should definitely have a talk with your doctor. And you know the doctors accept to be certified to prescribe it. And that’s part of the reason it is going slower. So it’s a good thing, we’re all learning a little bit more as we go.

Basics of Natural Male Enhancement

It doesn’t matter how much you try to reassure yourself, try as you might, size does matter. As a matter of fact, one of the common causes of a strained relationship between partners is sexual dissatisfaction. While there are several factors that determine the satisfaction level experienced by women, penis size does play a vital role. A small penis size can pose problems with sexual pleasure and stamina.

Does it bring results?

If you are curious about male enhancement, there is nothing as handy as natural male enhancement like exercises. You may ask, “Can natural male enhancement like exercises really make my penis bigger?” The answer will be yes. The evidence? Well, there are literally hundreds of men who have tried male enhancement exercises to increase their penis size. And they got results.

How does it work?

Let us explain how it works at male-sex-enhancer.com. The penis is a very delicate organ. It is composed of a lot of arteries and veins. When you are sexually aroused, your brain releases a hormone which directs more blood to your penis area known as corpus cavernosal. This will then will the penile tissues, causing a hard erection.

Male enhancement exercises work to increase the penis length by 1 to 3 inches by manipulating and stimulating the chambers of the penis. These chambers make up the length and the shaft of your penis. Here, the exercises expand and stretch these chambers. As the chambers expand and stretch, the length and the girth of the penis also expand to make your penis long and thick.

If you are interested in trying male enhancement exercises, make sure you prepare yourself.

How to prepare

Before you begin penis exercises, it is always a good idea to get yourself prepared. To gain the optimum results, you will need more than patience, determination, and will. You will also need correct information about the exercises in order to succeed. Here are some tips to prepare yourself.

Shaving your pubis

It is recommended to epilate your intimate area before you begin exercises for penis enlargement. After all, it makes it easier to access your penis as well as make yourself comfortable while performing the exercises. Most men feel uncomfortable and distracted because of their pubic hair while performing exercises such as stretching and jelqing.

A healthy diet

It is also a good idea to eat healthy food before you begin your exercise program. Why? Well, because if you do so you will achieve better results, thanks to the effects of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients present in the diet. Also, a healthy diet will keep you energetic, making your exercise more effective.

Measuring your penis

That’s correct. If you don’t do this, you will not know the progress you have made. So, before the enlargement program, measure the size of your penis first. Measure the length and the girth of your penis, both in the flaccid and erect state. By doing so, you will be able to note your results in enlarging the size of your penis.

Premature Ejaculation Pills Comparison

Are you looking for premature ejaculation pills yet don’t know what to choose? If so, read on. Here we have a comparison of premature ejaculation pills that will help you decide. Let’s start.


Duramale is a blend of natural ingredients which will not cause any adverse results or side effects. Duramale is manufactured in capsule form, containing seven unique herbs that are known to delay ejaculation as well as improvie male libido.

Some ingredients of Duramale are:

  • Indian Gooseberry, a potent aphrodisiac which helps men to treat premature ejaculation and increase sperm count and semen quantity;
  • Indian Ginseng, a general tonic which improves energy and overall health. It refreshes the body, increases sex desire and improving male performance;
  • Elephant Creeper, a brain tonic, and aphrodisiac which possesses anti-stress properties and helps to increase sperm count.

The price of Duramale is $54.95 per bottle.



Climinax can help men solve their sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and lead them to a normal sex life. Climinax is made from a high-quality herbal blend and contains no synthetic ingredients. They will not cause side effects as well.

With Climinax, no more sprays, no more creams that can interrupt your moment of the sexual prelude. All you have to take is a capsule, and you can enjoy your sexual life.

No clinic visits and no doctor’s prescription. Problems such as premature ejaculation may be caused by stress, depression or other psychological issues. By taking Climinax, you will not need to take a psychotherapy course in order to cure premature ejaculation. Yes, Climinax is a comprehensive solution which takes back you to your normal life.

Climinax helps you:

  • Prolong your time to climax;
  • Fight disappointment and frustration;
  • Improve your sex life, making you and your partner satisfied;
  • Boost your confidence in your sexual performance;
  • Improve your sex life dramatically.

The price of Climinax is $25.00 per bottle.

Delay Pills

Delay Pills is another good option to help you treat premature ejaculation. Basically, it is a mix of useful herbs, most of which are male enhancers, improving not only men’s sexual performance but also boosting male confidence.

Delay Pills help men who have premature ejaculation regulate certain hormones in their body. When these hormones are in the balance, you will notice harder and stronger ejaculations. And yes, it affects your sexual organs locally.

A 1 bottle have 60 tablets, and you should take 2 daily. If you take Delay Pills, make sure you that you are not skipping it. If you forgot, take them as soon as possible. If you forgot to take the pill, stick to your schedule.

The price of Delay Pills is $49.95 per bottle.

Penis Patch Male Enhancement Miracle

Usually, penis enlargement patches contain the same types of active ingredients as penis enlargement pills. With patches, however, you only apply it to your skin instead of ingesting them. The patches can be either be applied to your lower stomach area or the inside part of your thigh.


The penis enlargement patches ensure the right amount of active ingredients is circulating in your bloodstream. The patches usually contain a combination of aphrodisiac herbs, many of them have been used by ancient cultures for centuries. The most common ingredients of penis enlargement patches are:

  • Ginseng,
  • Fo-Ti,
  • Gotu Kola,
  • Saw Palmetto berry,
  • Damiana.

How do these penis enlargement patches work?

The patches work on a transdermal basis. That is, their active ingredients penetrate and enter the skin. One of the biggest advantages of using penis enlargement patches is that you need not worry about losing out on the components’ potency through the process of digestion.

These patches are useful since they regulate the amount of active ingredients which circulate in your bloodstream. That’s right. You don’t need to worry about the highs and lows as it is at a constant for most of the time. They are also convenient since you can forget about them for three days at a time yet still get all of the benefits of the product.

The patches guarantee that there will be no side effect. You will always have a high volume of active ingredients working on your body as well. These patches are pretty discreet too. In fact, most of them look a lot like a band-aid, which means you never have to worry about someone finding out about what you are doing.

Proenhance penis enlargement patches are a great solution for men who are experiencing lows in their sex life and need a little boost in the bed. The patches are natural, safe and very few men even complain about skin irritations when they use a high-quality product.


There are many advantages of using penis enlargement patches over their pills counterpart. These advantages include:

  • They are very easy to use;
  • You are not likely to suffer nasty side effects such as nausea;
  • You no longer need to worry about getting the correct dosage;
  • The active ingredients of the patch are released consistently over time.

The penis enlargement patches are very easy and convenient to use. After all, all you need to do is to apply the patch once every three days. You can then forget about it. 

Penis enlargement patches are easy and convenient to use and can help you to achieve:

  • Stronger, longer lasting erections;
  • Increased sex drive;
  • More intense orgasm.

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